Statistics > Auditing

For the date range you select you receive a summary of the events that have happened to your accounts such as the number of accounts created, deleted, moved or updated. As with all other date ranges in OpenAthens, they are inclusive.

To the right of this you also get this information broken down by individual accounts and you can filter this by username to see events for just one user if needed.

As with the search page, you can decide how many items that are visible on each page of results.

Clicking on a username will bring up that user's account details (unless that account has been moved from your administration area) and clicking on a summary item on the left will filter the view on the right to only show those items - to show all again, click the search button.

List of events that can appear in the summary

Actions not performed during the selected time will not have recorded events, so will not have summary items.

Additional information that can appear per user

A clearer view of authentications to service providers can be found through the statistics pages.

New events

As time goes on, more events and more granularity may start being audited and they would become visible on this page from then onwards.

Today's actions

The data for these events comes from several different sources and takes a few minutes to appear in the interface. Date ranges that include today's date as the endpoint will cover up to about 5 minutes before the results are generated.