Preferences > Account

So that you don't have to change the same setting every time you create an account, you can change some of the defaults on the accounts preferences page.

Many of the options are about account activation and will apply only if you are creating accounts through the interface (custom self registration can use different settings):

All the values are whole numbers and any fractions will be rounded down.

What you need to know about automatic deletion

Some agreements you have with publishers or federations may require you to trace a login back to a user for a period of time after it has happened. This cannot be done if the account has been deleted so you may need to set the automatic deletion period to be long enough to allow for any agreements of this type.

What you need to to know about permissive and restrictive mode for federated resources

Permissive mode (default) means that a user can attempt access to any federated resource whether or not you have a subscription and whether or not you have allocated a resource to permission sets. A statistic will be logged for the access attempt even though they will probably not gain access. Keep using this mode if collecting those statistics is useful to you or your users access resources from a list of links you maintain yourself.

Restrictive mode (recommended) means that the system will block access attempts to federated resources that are not specified in permission sets. Switch to this mode once you have set up your permission sets with the resources you subscribe to - they will also appear in MyAthens. Statistics are only recorded for resources that you specify. This mode is very useful if any of your subscriptions are with providers who expect you to only pass them eligible users.

This setting only applies to federated resources - proxy resources and legacy resources (if you use any) will always operate as if in restrictive mode.