When an end-user follows an activation link they can choose their own password. This is usually the end of their journey however there is a facility for you to specify a web address to forward them on to once they have set the password - perhaps to your library information page or portal.

To enable this, you need to add what is called a parameter to the URL in the email template:

  1. Go to Preferences > Email and select the Account created (activation) template

  2. Find the activation URL. It will look like this:

  3. To the end of the URL add &ath_returl= and the URL to send the user to. E.g.

  4. Save

Now when an end-user activates their account they will see a continue button in the success dialogue and this button will take them to the address you specified.

The only limitation is that you cannot include percent encoding in the URL. This means you will not be able to use it to send end-users to pages that themselves include parameters (i.e. any URL that includes '?' or '&').

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