Where the previous pages covered getting your applications set up and functional, this page covers the general considerations and requirements you will want to do or consider before going live in the OpenAthens federation.

Check all the information on the various tabs of your application is production ready

External applications: confirm metadata has been added to your SP

Confirm you can access your service with an OpenAthens account from your own domain

Re-check compliance

For all applications: review against our best practices and technical recommendations.

If you are joining other federations, review against the similar documents published by them. 

Local applications: enable any federations you are a member of in the associated connection

This is done on the associated connection of the application. Access the relevant connection either from the connections menu or the link in the application and scroll down to the federations section at the bottom where there are switches for each federation.

See also: How to join other federations

Set it as live