1. Install OpenAthens software

    1. The recommended method is to use our Maven repository. For connection details see: Maven settings for Java OASP

    2. You can also download the software as a zip file from instead and install manually. You will need to manually move jar files to the correct location and set environment variables.


  2. Create metadata keys. These are used for signing and encrypting SAML exchanges. The public key will be published in metadata.

    1. Linux

    2. Windows

  3. If you have not already done so, create an application in the publisher dashboard. You will have the opportunity to paste in the signing certificate you generated in the previous step.when you set it up.

    1. If this is for an existing application, open the application details and go to the PLACEHOLDER page to add this certificate.
  4. Logging

    1. Linux

    2. Windows

  5. Configure your web.xml file. The publisher dashboard will have  generated a configuration to copy and paste. In the file you will also need to:

    1. Update the protected location to cover your application.

    2. Restart your web server to download the configuration from the publisher dashboard and start using it.

Configure your application

See OpenAthens SP common