The end of life of OpenAthens LA has been announced. Whilst you can still upgrade to the current version you are encouraged to migrate to our hosted platform - the service desk will be happy to help.

Major and minor versions are usually supported for about a year past the release of the next version (not counting maintenance versions).

The support status of all versions of LA is:


Supported until March 2020

End of life

2.3.xSupported until June 2017
2.2.xSupported until April 2015
2.1.xSupported until August 2013
2.0.xSupported until May 2011

Documentation will remain available for up to one year past end of life.

Understanding version numbers

Versions will have three dot separated numbers - X.Y.Z

X = Major version

Y = Minor version

Z = Maintenance version.

Some components may have a fourth number representing a specific build, but these numbers can usually be ignored.