This page contains information on known issues, and the status of access to resources for the last 2 months. 

Date CreatedTicket NumberService providerResourceIssueStatusLatest update (Date)
21st October 2021OASD-16260
Taylor and FrancisTaylor and Francis OnlineRedirector or WAYFless links loop users back to the WAYF. But users are authenticated. Publisher issueUpdate (22nd October 2021) - We have been advised that a fix is being tested today with an intention to release it on Monday 25th October.
18th October 2021-National Academy of SciencesThe Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)PNAS are migrating to the Atypon platform in early 2022. Publisher issueUpdate (18th October 2021) - We're working the publisher to ensure a smooth transition. PNAS have a migration FAQ available:
29th September 2021OASD-15754
CNKICNKI DatabasesUsers are unable to download PDFs from the database. Publisher issueUpdate (18th October 2021)  - We're working with the publisher to resolve this issue. 
29th September 2021OASD-15895  OASD-15896AIPScitationCustomers are receiving access denial messages or login loops after sign-in.Publisher issueResolved (6th October 2021) - The publisher has confirmed that they've resolved this issue. 
28th September 2021OASD-15731 OASD-14933Thomson Reuters Checkpoint EdgeSome customers are unable to access Checkpoint Edge, or are unable to load some elements of the product pages.OpenAthens issueResolved (29th September 2021) -We've worked with our 3rd line team to release a fix for all customers and this is now complete. Please log or update your ticket if you need further help. 
27th September 2021OASD-15536
InfoBaseA range of InfoBase products including Issues & Controversies, Facts on File, BloomsAccess to some InfoBase products is unavailable. Publisher issueResolved (28th September 2021)  - We've worked to establish technical changes made by InfoBase and have released a fix for all InfoBase users. Please log or update your ticket if you need further help. 
20th September 2021


IHSIHS MarkitIHS Markit are migrating to a new website in September 2021. issueUpdate (23rd September 2021) - IHS are migrating non- SSO/OA customers first. We'll work with them to ensure OA customers are migrated as smoothly as possible. Current access links remain the same.  
10th August 2021OASD-14819AAASAAAS Journals

AAAS are migrating to a new website in August 2021. Migration checklist: and FAQ

Publisher issue

Resolved (3rd September 2021) - The publisher has confirmed that access issues due to the migration have now been resolved. 

Update (11th August 2021) - If you are using restrictive mode  or MyAthens there's a new resource to allocate 'AAAS Journals' .

10th August 2021OASD-14763
ASTMASTM CompassASTM have launched a new platform and asked customers to make the necessary updates. Publisher issueUpdate (10th August 2021) - If you are using restrictive mode  or MyAthens there's a new resource to allocate 'ASTM 2.0'.
5th August 2021OASD-14749 OASD-14509 OASD-14727 OASD-14786 OASD-14705 OASD-14808 OASD-14840Academy of Nutrition and DieteticsNutrition Care ManualCustomers are receiving a 502 error when accessing Nutrition Care ManualPublisher issueUpdate (5th August 2021) - We have worked with the publisher to assess the issue. The publisher is unable to undertake development work, but if customers are able to obtain/use sso.cfm links from the publisher these are more likely to work. 
4th August 2021


APAPsycNetUsers accessing PsycNet are unsuccessful on the first login attempt, but subsequent attempts are successful. Publisher issueUpdate (28th October 2021) - We're working with the publisher to resolve this issue. 
19th July 2021OASD-13307Cambridge University PressHigher Education from Cambridge University PressThe new Higher Education site from CUP does not work with the redirector. Publisher issueUpdate (15th October 2021) - We're working with CUP, this is currently with their dev team with no ETA for a fix. 
19th July 2021OASD-14293   OASD-14647
ClarivateWeb of Science

Web of Science moved to a new platform on 7th July 2021

Clarivate are providing redirects, but an update is required to ensure the redirector works with their new site.

Publisher issue Resolved (11th October 2021) - We worked with the publisher to update the redirector. 
24th March 2021

OASD-10096 OASD-13002

American Academy of PediatricsAAP Point-of-Care SolutionsDeeplinking is unavailable.Publisher issueUpdate (24th March 2021) - Deeplinking is currently unavailable. The publisher is working on this functionality. Redirector or WAYFless links to product homepages (e.g. will work. 
10th March 2021


RittenhouseR2 Digital LibraryOpenAthens sign-in at is currently unavailable; access via ('Athens log in') works. 
In addition deeplinking is unavailable. 
Publisher issueUpdate (9th April 2021)  - Sign-in issues have now been fixed by the publisher. They are working on restoring deeplinking.