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About self-registration

Self registration is a method of creating accounts where the users go to a page online, enter some details about themselves and are issued an account automatically. 

Our team can build a registration page for you according to the information you give us.

Once the specification is agreed, we will have a first release for you to test in 3 weeks (for standard builds). You will then have 2 weeks to test it meets expectations - defects will be fixed within 5 working days.

Optional extras include:

  • Custom look and feel (if you want more styling than just your logo)
  • Custom form behaviour (for example if this option is selected then show that option)
  • Urgent delivery requirements
  • Further changes to requirements after you submit this form
  • Errors reported after initial testing has finished
  • If you want a form that supports multiple languages

If you are interested in self-registration, please speak with your account manager who will discuss options.

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