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Email field codes

Not all fields will be available on all emails

ItemField codeNotese.g.
Account email${accountEmail}The email address on the user's account

Account support email${supportEmail}The support email address from Preferences >
Account support first name(s)${supportForenames}The support first name from Preferences > AccountRupert
Account support last name${supportSurname}The support last name from Preferences > AccountGiles
Account support telephone${supportPhone}The support telephone from Preferences > Account01234 567890
Activation Code${activationCode}Forms part of the activation link


Activation Code Expiry${activationCodeExpiry}The date the user must activate byTue Jul 27 06:17:51 UTC 2021
Athens URL${athensURL}Forms part of the activation link (don't remove it)-
Expiry date${expiryDate}The expiry date of the account

Thu May 21 01:00:00 BST 2015

Organisation name${organisationName}The organisation name the account sits under from Preferences > OrganisationWatchers Council
Organisation support email${organisationEmail}The support email address from Preferences >
Organisation support telephone${organisationPhone}The support telephone number from Preferences > Organisation
Organisation support website URL
The support website address from Preferences > Organisation 
User first name(s)${accountForenames}The first name(s) on the user's accountWillow
User last name${accountSurname}The last name on the user's accountRosenberg
User name${accountUsername}The account usernameabcwrosenberg001
User phone number${accountPhone}The telephone number on the user's account09876 543210
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