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The dashboard

This is the first page you see when you log in and it contains various bits of data about your users' accounts.

On the left

...we have some action buttons that are shortcuts to common features such as adding a new account.

Some of these buttons, such as the Accounts button, have a badge on them that shows a relevant total - e.g. the badge on 'Accounts' shows how many accounts (including all personal, access & organisation accounts) are under your direct control.

The security button takes you to a view that highlights accounts that have been suspended because they have done things such as log in from several countries on the same day.

The resources button will take you to the catalogue so you can manage who has access to what and below that the organisation button will show you your account totals and other information about your organisation and any sub-organisations.

Below the buttons we have a small graph showing the most popular resources over the last week.

On the right

... we have notifications of three types

First the number of expired or non-activated accounts there currently are - clicking on either will take you to a list of those accounts.

Next we have a summary of certain activities that have happened over the last 30 days such as accounts added and deleted or users transferred in or out. Again, clicking on any of the numbers will take you to a view of the accounts they refer to. The data is about 10 minutes old.

Finally we have a view of the audited activities of your own administrator account covering things such as bulk uploads and modifications to your account.

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