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Error messages in OpenAthens Keystone

The following error messages might be produced by parts of the Keystone service and they are usually only seen during development. Any other error messages shouldn't be from Keystone itself - our service desk will be happy to help you diagnose them.  

MessageOn domainCaused byMeans
Unable to login this time, Please contact Service Deskconnect.openathens.netA SAML authentication failure

The SAML response could not be processed. Very unlikely to come up unless and until you connect to other federations.

OpenId application not found with id $applicationIdconnect.openathens.netApplication not foundThe application your configuration references isn't there. Most likely caused by a typo when you copied over in the Client ID, but could also be caused by deleting the application record.
Could not find acs with saml2 post bindingconnect.openathens.netACS not found for the specified connectionNo Association Consumer Service bindings were found. Most likely caused by editing the bindings or deleting the connection. 
Connection $ConnName is not associated with a federationconnect.openathens.netConnection is not associated with a federationYou do not have any SAML federations connected.
Invalid rule type specifedconnect.openathens.netInvalid rulesMost likely caused by obscure parts of a regex (uses Java regex) or there could be something in a javascript rule that prevents it running at all.
Entity $entityID not foundconnect.openathens.netCould not find IDP entityThe SAML Identity Provider is not in any of the SAML federations you have connected.

Could not contact mds service

Could not fetch connection $connectionId from CSP

Could not fetch rules for connection $connectionId from CSP

connect.openathens.netInternal server error

Something unexpected is happening at our end.

Be a pal and let us know.

Missing redirection URI

Application is not associated with a connection

Invalid client id

connect.openathens.netBad requestSomething unexpected is happening with your OIDC client, e.g. it might be OpenID rather than OpenID Connect
Unable to process response for debuglogin.openathens.netAuthentication exception contacting the ACSThe SP's Association Consumer Service is not playing along. May have been caused by editing your endpoint configuration.
Failed to contact admin APIlogin.openathens.netThe authentication point could not contact the OpenAthens back end to authenticate the user

Something unexpected is happening at our end.

Be a pal and let us know.

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