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How long it takes to go live

When you make changes via the dashboard on a service that is already live, they will take the following times to become active:

  • Changes to your configuration such as names, descriptions, links and endpoints
    • The OpenAthens federation metadata refreshes four times per day so updates should take no more than 6 hours to go live. Confirm at
    • The resource catalogue used by identity providers in the OpenAthens federation refreshes three times per day so can take up to 8 hours to reflect the change - this includes:
      • Names, descriptions and logos
      • Redirector and access URLs
    • The redirector can take up to 16 hours to reflect a change depending on how the caches stack, but is usually under 8 hours.
  • For local applications, changes to additional identity providers (i.e. outside of any connected federation) should take no more than 6 hours to be updated in the metadata.
  • For other federations
    • you will need to inform those federations of any changes. They will advise how long it will be before they are live.
    • IdPs in other federations will usually recache their copy of the federation metadata daily - there may be a period where they are using your old metadata.
OpenAthens Keystone rules

Keystone picks up changes to rules within a few seconds

OpenAthens Wayfinder

Changes should usually take effect within 5 minutes (e.g. entity categories, federation membership)

External applications

External applications should have a refresh schedule and are likely to have some way to clear a cache which should be covered by their documentation.

First live publish

When you move from development to live status, the publish button triggers a manual approval process where our service desk will run some checks before confirming the publication. Once approved, the timings above will apply to any future changes.

The publish button only appears in relation to the OpenAthens federation.

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