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Quickstart guide

This page will take you through the basics of creating an application in the publisher dashboard ( and publishing it in the OpenAthens federation. It will get you quickly to a state where you can test that it 'works-at-all'. This page will not get you production ready.

When you are ready, there is a separate page that covers getting production ready.

If you are using OpenID Connect (with OpenAthens Keystone)

You will need to install OpenID Connect software suitable for your platform before you get to step 6.

  1. Go to the applications tab and add a new application choosing OpenID Connect in the dialogue box

  2. Name your application. Eventually this will be customer facing, but for now it can be anything

  3. Application URL: this is the root of your application - e.g:

  4. Redirect URL: this is where we will return the user after authentication - e.g.

  5. Select to create a new connection. This can be changed later.

  6. The create button sets up the application record and shows you some basic implementation steps.

You will not be production ready yet, but you will be at a place where you can test with your OpenAthens accounts at the location you enabled during install.

For more details see:

If you are using other SP software (e.g. Shibboleth)

  1. Go to the applications tab and add a new application choosing Existing application in the dialogue box

  2. Upload your application's metadata either by specifying the URL or uploading the file. Any type of text file is fine, as long as it has valid XML inside it.

  3. Confirm that the metadata is trusted and should be imported, then click the create button

  4. This creates the basic application record.

  5. Add OpenAthens metadata to your SPs configuration (
    See also: How to add the OpenAthens federation to common SP software

You are not yet production ready but you can now test with your OpenAthens accounts.

Also see:

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