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OpenAthens’ reporting uses ‘transfers’ as the unit of measurement. A transfer is when your system sends the user to their home organisation and that organisation sends them back with attributes. It's the sending back we count.

We don't know if you let the user in or not. This means that reports can include organisations that do not subscribe to your content, which may be of interest to your sales team.

There are three reporting options:

Classic report

This is available to all federation publishers and contains information based on OpenAthens federation IdP activity. 

You can download a monthly summary going back 12 months that will list organisations and scopes with their counts. It does not contain 1:1 connection statistics.

Summary report

Available to Keystone users only, the summary report shows you the totals for the last 7 or 30 days, includes 1:1 connections and has a download option.

You can also view the top organisations, countries and your applications (if you have more than one). Downloads include more information (see below) so you can link it to other data or split out distinct sub organisations if a customer has them (e.g. UK NHS). For most viewers, there won't be a difference between organisations and parent organisations - see the information below for the difference. 

Custom report

Available to Keystone users only, the custom report lets you select many options and has a download option (CSV).

You can select for applications, organisations, countries, and date ranges.  Applications, and especially organisations and countries can be a long list so are searchable. The country will be that of the federation the organisation is first registered in unless they're one of ours in which case we use our own customer data. 

Downloads include more information (see below) so you can link it to other data or split out distinct sub organisations if a customer has them (e.g. UK NHS)

Anything else I need to know?

This is an initial release that may change over time. We would love to hear your thoughts and there's a feedback widget on the page you can use (it won't appear if you've blocked cookies). You can also write to 

With the summary and custom reports

  • the earliest date available is 1 August 2023
  • the downloads contain the same data fields, but the data is limited based on your selections.
  • the download is a flat csv file containing the following fields
    • Parent organisation
      • The name associated with their entityID
    • Organisation
      • The name associated with their scope (could be a different organisational unit)
      • If the scope is blank this will default to be the same as the parent organisation
    • Scoped affiliation
    • Org entity id
      • e.g.
    • Org registration federation
      • e.g. OpenAthens Federation, EduHr, 1:1 connection, etc
    • Org country
      • At the moment this can be a mix of ISO codes and country names. We're going to fix that.
    • Transfer date
    • Application name
    • Application id
      • e.g.
    • Transfers
  • downloads are not available via API but if that would be of interest to you, there are feedback options listed above.

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