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LibX and the OpenAthens Redirector

This guide will help you configure your LibX edition to work with the OpenAthens Redirector.

Whilst our service desk will always try to be helpful, they can only support the OpenAthens end. Information about LibX was correct at the time of writing.


  • Access to your LibX edition
  • Access to the OpenAthens administration area at the domain level


Look up your redirector prefix

Access the administration area as the domain administrator and navigate to the redirect link generator (Resources > Redirector link generator).

The part you are interested in is the bit like this:

Add your Redirector prefix to LibX

Even though the redirector is not a proxy, we can use the proxy access function in LibX to insert the redirector prefix so that the function works for compatible resources:

  1. Login to LibX

  2. Select the proxy access tab and then the add new EZ Proxy button

  3. Settings:

    1. Include in the default context menu? Selected.

    2. Proxy Name: OpenAthens (or similar) 

    3. URL rewrite pattern: Your redirector prefix with %s added to the end - e.g:

    4. Password: leave blank

    5. Disable the proxy menu item if proxy ability check fails? Unselected.

The option will now be available to your patrons / end-users via their browser extensions.

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