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Zotero browser extention

This guide will tell you how to get the information you need to give your patrons / end-users to configure their Zotero extensions to use the OpenAthens redirector.

You should create your own instructions for your users - they will not find this page useful and our service desk will not support them.



Even though the redirector is not a proxy, we can use the proxy support function in Zotero to insert the redirector prefix

  1. Look up your domain's redirector prefix in the OpenAthens admin site so you can supply it in your instructions to your users - Resources > Redirector link generator

    The part you are interested in is the bit that ends ...?url= - e.g:
    This prefix is unique to your domain.

  2. Inset that in your instructions to your users

Example instructions for your end users

Put something like this in your organisation's style: 

  1. Once you have installed your Zotero extension from open the preferences.

  2. Go to the proxies section and replace any default scheme with the following:

    [This is your domain's redirector prefix plus some bits that include variables from Zotero to make up the target URL]

  3. Clear both 'Automatically associate new hosts' and 'Automatically convert hyphens to dots'... or it will not work

  4. Add the following list of hostnames:

    1. [Supply a list of hostnames from your redirectable resources, one per line - e.g.,]

  5. For best results, sign in to OpenAthens first

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