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About local directory integration

Integrating your local directory allows you to use existing credentials from your own systems instead of creating accounts via the administration interface, reducing the number of usernames and passwords people need to remember.

There are two basic ways of integrating your local directory: as a brokered connection where credentials are entered at our authentication point and checked against your directory, or a delegated connection where users are passed to your own application's authentication point.

Brokered connections

Examples are LDAP (including Active Directory) and SirsiDynix. With these connections you still use our authentication point, but the username and password boxes submit credentials to your directory. OpenAthens usernames from your organisation will also work, so this is a good choice if you need to use a mixture of local accounts and OpenAthens accounts.

Delegated connections

Examples are ADFS, Azure, Google Workspace, Aperio CAS and the API connector. This kind of connection hands-off authentication to your own application. This is the type to choose if you want to keep authentication entirely in-house. A delegated connection works best when it is the only authentication method as users can be passed immediately to your login when their organisation is known.

Next steps

For more details and instructions, see: Local connections

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