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Troubleshooting access to the administration website

If you are unable to access the OpenAthens account administration website at, the error messages will be one of: 

Either the username or password you entered were not correct.
  • Wrong password
  • Wrong username
  • Too many incorrect attempts have locked you out

Resolution: Reset password. If there's no-one at your organisation who can do this for you, contact your OpenAthens support provider. 

Your account is not an administrator account
  • You are trying to sign in with a personal or local account,  

Resolution: sign in with your OpenAthens administrator account.

If you do not get as far as seeing the sign-in page

...and there is no server error message from us, then you will need to speak to your networks team.

If you are waiting for but do not receive an access code
  • It may have been mistakenly identified as spam

Resolution: If it's in your spam folder or otherwise trapped by your email system, add to any allow list. 

  • Network delays

Resolution: these are usually temporary, so wait a minute and try again. If they are frequent, your network team may be able to help.

If your organisation's network is restricting access to secured sites (that is to say addresses that start with https://...) your networks team may need to make changes to enable access. They will need to know the domains used by OpenAthens to allow - for a list of all the addresses, see What are the hostnames I need to allow my users to connect to from within my network

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