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Working with third party applications

Because you're using OpenAthens, you're compatible with most things that use a technology called SAML. If you see something described as Shibboleth, that's just a way of doing SAML, so is compatible too - in fact most products that talk about single sign-on with your systems are talking about SAML these days (not all, but most) and this means that OpenAthens can interact with many, many things. This section of the documentation offers some help on how to set up those interactions. There are also some articles on how to suborn the proxy support in some tools to work with our redirector.

Not all possibilities are (or can) be covered of course, and we are limited to those applications that we or a collaborator can access, but the sections available can still be helpful when dealing with similar applications - since they are using SAML they all have to work in basically the same way and often it's just the interfaces or labels that are different. 

Due to those limitations, articles in this section are supplied 'as-is' and whilst our service desk will always try to be helpful, the can only really provide support for the use and operation of our own products.

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