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Add an application

The add function does not capture every element necessary to be production ready, only enough to set up the very basics so that developers can move the software side forward without delay. There will be further steps to take before your application is ready to go live for our mutual customers.

OpenAthens Keystone

  1. Click the register new application button and choose OpenID Connect in the dialogue box

  2. Name your application. Eventually this will be customer facing, but for now it can be anything

  3. Application URL: this is the root web address of the application - e.g:

  4. Redirect URL: this is where users will be returned after authentication. It can be tweaked later. 

  5. Select a new connection unless you are setting up to migrate from one OIDC application to another.

  6. Click the create button

    This creates the application record and a connection.

  7. The next page shows you some basic implementation steps to help you configure your OIDC instance. This page is also available later from the edit view.

Any other SP

  1. Click the register new application button and choose existing application in the dialogue box

  2. Upload your application's metadata either by specifying the URL or uploading the file. Any type of text file is fine as long as it has valid XML inside it.

  3. You will be shown the details of the certificate presented by the metadata. Confirm that the metadata is trusted and should be imported, tick the box and then click the create button

  4. This creates the application record. You will still need to add the OpenAthens federation metadata to your SP.

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