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Test IdPs

If you are using OpenAthens Keystone

Your own OpenAthens accounts can be used for testing. To add additional IdPs before you are live, enable the additional identity providers option on your connection and add their metadata.

If you are using other software (e.g. Shibboleth)

To test with your own OpenAthens accounts, you will need to add their metadata to your system:

IdP details


This is our managed directory product and in normal operation should be the only type of IdP you encounter in the OpenAthens federation. As well as your own OpenAthens accounts our service desk can supply you with credentials for an additional IdP:

Metadata address:

entityID =

scope =

Our service desk will need to add your metadata at our end before they pass you the details.

Testing by the OpenAthens Service Desk

When you submit your site for publication in the metadata our service desk will run some tests based on the best practices and our domain experience to make sure things will work well for our mutual customers. To avoid delays, you should pre-enable access for their test accounts.

See also: Getting production ready

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