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What makes a good resource description

Before your resource is published in the federation it needs to have a name, logo and description (a sanity check on these is one of the checks our service desk makes when you make your application live). Your marketing folks will have a good idea about how to describe your service in a winning way, but there are some considerations it will help for them to be aware of before supplying you with content:

Logo shape, colour, etc

The logo needs to be at least 128 x 128px, less than 10MB, and should be square in png, gif or jpg format. Ideally it will have a transparent background, and whilst it will usually appear in front of a white background, that is unlikely to always be the case.

A banner only needs to be added if you are using a discovery service such as Wayfinder and want one to appear when you send users there. It must be at least 400 x 50 px and less than 10MB. You do not need to add a banner if you are writing your own discovery service.


This should of course be the name of your service that your customers will recognise.

If you have more than one service behind the same entityID, you should allow for for that in the name / description.  


Whilst the full description (up to 1000 characters) is available on a details page and is included in catalogue searches, the description that is visible on the cards in the main catalogue view will be truncated. Depending on the length of your name it will only show the first 35 - 70 characters of the description there.

It is this card view that is previewed when you set an application as live.

Catalogue search

Our mutual customers usually have to search the catalogue rather than paging through a small number of resources. Search returns results based on:

  • Matching on the resource name
  • Matching on the description
  • Matching on the entityID

Results will be ranked in that order

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