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OpenAthens and LeanLibrary ( have worked together to enable their browser extension to use OpenAthens redirector links. If your library uses LeanLibrary you can enable this as follows:

  1. Contact LeanLibrary ( and tell them that you want to use OpenAthens. To speed things along you should tell them your entityID and Scope (see below)
  2. LeanLibrary will make the relevant updates at their end and let our service desk know when they're done
  3. Our service desk will make the relevant update at our end and let you know when that is done

Your patrons do not need to make any changes themselves, but you will probably want to tell them about the change in advance so that they aren't surprised by seeing a login (in general they should only see it once per session). 

Looking up your entityID and Scope

EntityIDs look like a web address, although they generally aren't. E.g. 

Scopes look like a domain name. E.g.

There are three simple places you can look them up:

In all cases: if your scope has any numbers at the beginning you should omit them.

OpenAthens integration: 

Promotion resources: 

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