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How to link to specific pages

Option 1 

Use the OpenAthens Redirector (recommended)

Option 2 

The information below has not been updated since 2016 and is unlikely to be updated further. It is provided 'as-is' and may no longer be accurate.

Ok, I won't hold you responsible. Show me the info...

The following tables provide information on how to generate access URLs to journal, book or article level within an OpenAthens enabled resource for use in places such as your own web site or in custom resources. These links are not under our control, may change over time and are therefore provided 'as is' however the OpenAthens Service Desk will be happy to make updates and additions if you send them in. 

Many of the URL constructions require elements of the URL to be percent encoded (external link). This is sometimes called URL encoding and a web search for 'URL encoder decoder' will find many tools to help you.

Some links only work once the resource has initiated a session. Where these are known they are marked with a red asterisk * . 

Journal and Book URLs (jump to Article URLs)

Service Provider


Example Journal

Example Access URL

AAP (Paediatrics)

Return URL is <journal>

Red Book


Find the book URL e.g. and add &athenslogin=auto

Harrison's Online

American Psychiatric Publishing

(<Encoded URL>
The American Journal of Psychiatry

American Society of Haematology

Get this publisher's journal mnemonics from



The following form works for some (but not all journals) within BioMed central:
Take the domain or base URL of the journal. for example and then append /authenticate/athens?returnURL=/

Deeper linking can sometimes be achieved by appending the URL to the end of the above URLs.  i.e. [
Please note F1000  and Biology image library have no Open Athens or Federated access login points so these method will not work.

Alzheimer's research & therapy


Arthritis research and therapy

BMJ Journals

Use the Journal URL in syntax

British Journal of Sports Medicine

Brill Online

The syntax for generating an Athens authenticated access URL to Brill Online is:< Encoded Target URL>

Encyclopaedia of Islam, Second Edition

Cambridge Journals Online

need JIDs

Proceedings of London Mathematical Society


Where <ELSEVIER TARGET URL> is the encoded URL to the shibboleth login point

Access to the Homepage can be gained through the following URL:

Academic Radiology


Uses same syntax as EBSCOhost with 'authtype=athens' appended to the URL

Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance

EBSCOhost Databases

To get to a specific database, go to where rzh is the short form of the database name – see: for a full list of short names

RZH database

EBSCO host Dynamed

Dynamed works differently: see the full Dynamed link syntax at and put 'dynamed link syntax' in the search box.


EBSCO Discovery Service

Emerald<encoded target>

In this example you need to encode everything after the domain

Encoded target = %2Fdoi%2Ffull%2F10.1108%2F07358549610151807

American Journal of Police

Future Drugs any text after .com, URL encode it then append with "&ath_dspid=FUTURE and prepend with"

Expert Review of Anticancer Therapy""&ath_dspid=FUTURE

Informa Healthcare<Target URL>

Physical & Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics



Acta Acustica united with Acustica


Get Journal names from the URLs on this page:

Journal of
Physics A

This URL will take you to the journal homepage but will not recognise your OpenAthens credentials until you click on the "Athens/Institutional login" link and then the "Athens login" link.

IOPP - ISSN version *

Journal of
Physics A

This URL will take you to the journal homepage but will not recognise your OpenAthens credentials until you click on the "Athens/Institutional login" link and then the "Athens login" link.


Use URL of the form where the last URL depends on the Journal Name. See for a list of journals.

Archives of Internal Medicine

Journal of Clinical Oncology

Uses vol / issue / start page as in example

J Clin Oncol 2007 Mar 10;25(8):924-30.


Request: Create a deep link to an article e.g. Teaching Geography:


1. Use the following OpenAthens Federation base login URL:

2. Browse to the page you want to go to automatically after authenticating:

3. Encode and then append this URL to JSTOR OpenAthens Federation base login URL:

Teach Geography


*Remove from the resource URL

Networking Wireless Sensors/web/toc.v/cid:kpNWS00001/viewerType:toc/root_slug:networking-wireless-sensors/url_slug:networking-wireless-sensors?b-q=sensor networks&b-subscription=TRUE&b-group-by=true

MDConsult journal

Uses the ISSN<<issn>/0>&mdc_host=<>&mdc_applid=<MDC>

American Journal of Sports Medicine

MDConsult book<endcoded targeturl>&




Journal Watch


Journal acronym required - find on

Modern Pathology

Nursing Consult

The syntax for generating an Athens authenticated access URL to Nursing Consult is:

American Journal of Infection Control

Ovid Online

Add /Athens before /ovidweb in the Ovid Jumpstart URL. The Accession Number AN for a journal has last two sets of digits all zeros to get to the Ovid journal homepage

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Ovid Online Browse Books page

Ovid Online Browse Journals page


Journal mnemonics at e.g.

Age and Ageing

Oxford Scholarship Online<Encoded Target URL>Living and Dying with Dementia
Primal Pictures via Ovid


For organisations accessing via OrgID

ProQuest (2011 platform) - Federated Access


accountid must be provided by ProQuest.

ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source

Royal College of Psychiatrists Journals<Encoded Target URL>

The British Journal of Psychiatry

RSC Publications Online

Sage<Encoded Target URL>

American Journal of Sports Medicine



<ELSEVIER TARGET URL> is the encoded URL to any bookmarkable ScienceDirect resource:

The Lancet



<ELSEVIER TARGET URL> is the encoded URL to any bookmarkable Scopus resource:;origin=recordpage

Latin American Journal of Solids and Structures;origin=recordpage

SpringerLink<add your EntityID>&returnUrl=<add link to the journal>

You can check your registered EntityID in the Athens Administration Area under 'Housekeeping' > 'Federation memberships' > 'OpenAthens Federation membership'.

Obesity Surgery (this link is for example only, it is not supposed to work)

Wiley Online Library

The WAYFless URL syntax is:{entityID}&page={target}


entityID = the Identity Provider's encoded entity ID

Target = the encoded URL of a Wiley Online Library page

Animal Genetics


Simple login link to all books:
Link to a specific Title:
Need grpalias for subscriber and FxID for book ID

AACN Essentials of Critical Care Nursing (2006)

Taylor & Francis platform

The WAYFless URL syntax is:<Target>

Target = the encoded URL of a Taylor & Francis resource e.g.


Wiley Online Library

Non OpenAthens version is

OpenAthens version is<encodedTargetURL>

e.g. Journal of Food Science:

Cochrane Library

Article URLs

Service Provider


Example Journal Article


AAP (Paediatrics)

Return URL is <journal><Vol> <Issue> <start page>

Paediatrics. 2007 Feb;119(2):290-8.

EBSCOhost Databases

Need EBSCO's own article id - find by searching for article title. Also needs OpenAthens authentication somewhere

Gynecol Oncol 2005 Mar;96(3):630-4.


RedirectURL contains <journal><articleid>

See for a list of <journals>. <articleid> is the unique identifier of each article

May 23/30, 2012, Vol 307, No. 20 >  Retail Clinics and Drugstore Medicine

May 2012, Vol 69, No. 5 > Predictors of Survival in Patients With Parkinson Disease

LexisNexis Butterworths

Needs ats=t added to the syntax as in

Journal: Bristol Evening Post, Article title: Bands are ready to battle it out tonight Year:2009


Return URL uses journal mnemonic, Volume Issue and then an article no which is not the start page

Nat Med 2007 Oct;13(10):1185-92.


Uses DOI to generate link - it's not clear how to find DOI in the new NEJM interface

Oxford Journals

J Natl Cancer Inst 2008;100(23):1707-16.


Need to find the Accession Number of the article which is used in the Jump Start URLs. Looks like <ISSN> <Volume/Issue> <Article No>. For ACOG, go to Ovid, search on journals@Ovid using the title of the article. Then click the Abstract to view the Accession Number and replace with value in example.

Obstet Gynecol 2007 Sep;110(3):663-8.

Proxied Journals

For IP authenticated proxies, use the proxy prefix as in this JBJS - British example

JBJS British edition

RSC Publications Online

Uses DOI of article

Molecular Biosystems article



<ELSEVIER TARGET URL> is the encoded URL to any bookmarkable ScienceDirect article:

Wealth but not health in the USA

The Lancet Volume 381, Issue 9862, 19--25 January 2013, Pages 177

Wiley Online Library< Target URL>

Journal of Advanced Nursing example
See here for further information from John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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