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Redirector preferences

Path to function: Preferences > Redirector

The IP address preferences are available to all administrators and allow you to configure the redirector IP bypass zones used by redirector links.  

Usually the address configured by the domain administrator will be sufficient, so organisation administrators would usually not need to add any data here. You would only need to do so if your domain was large enough that different administration units within it would have their own discrete IP ranges or situations regarding access from inside / outside of the network. For details about the bypass zones see the redirector IP bypass zones page.

Domain administrators have an additional option to specify individual resources that are not affected by the IP bypass zones of the redirector.

  • Click the add resource button
  • Start typing the name of the resource
  • Select the resource
  • Save

Resources added here will always route the user to the OpenAthens path when they follow the redirector link.

Anything to watch out for?

When users are passed directly to the resource due to bypass zones, they do not pass though the authentication point. This means no statistics are recorded.

Changes here are affected by the cache times of two separate components, so could take as much as 14 hours to become live. It will usually be considerably faster, but your best bet is to expect it to be live the next day.

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