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The redirector and non-standard link syntaxes

Some service providers use proprietary parameters instead of more usual parameters like entityID. These providers include Gale, EBSCO and ProQuest.

When they are set up to use OpenAthens and you are using their link syntax, you do not need the redirector prefix because the login will go via OpenAthens… but there can be times when you want or need to use the redirector prefix with these resources anyway.

For example if your library system needs to put the prefix in front of all links. In these cases you need to include the relevant proprietary parameter.

Here are some examples for these three providers.


With ProQuest you just need to include the accountid parameter at the end

  • ProQuest link format: {ProQuest_product_URL}?accountid={your_ProQuest_accountid}

  • ProQuest link Example:

  • Redirector link:


EBSCO require two query parameters for authentication: authtype and custid where authtype should be either shib or sso.

  • EBSCOhost link format: {EBSCO_product_URL}&authtype={authType}&custid={customerID}

  • EBSCOhost link example:

  • Redirector link:

EBSCO provide a tool to help generate links at

Gale Cengage

There are two link formats:

  • {Gale_product_URL}?u={LocationID}

  • {Gale_product_URL}?userGroupName={LocationID}

You can find your location id via

  • Example Gale link:

  • Redirector link:

Guidance from library product vendors



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