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How to re-send an account activation email

Sometimes when accounts are created the user might not receive, notice or act on the email that allowed them to validate their email address and set a password.

When any of these things happen you need to trigger a new activation email for the user so that they can set their password.

For one or more accounts:

Method 1 - Select the account(s) in question using the checkboxes on the left and then select 'Generate activation code' from the Actions button.

Method 2 -From the details page of the account in question select 'Generate activation code' from the Actions button.

Both methods will send an email to the users with a link they can use to set their password.

With automatic deletion of non-activated accounts this action will reset the clock for the selected accounts.

If the user is right there:

If the user cannot receive the email for any reason, or is there with you, you can click on the username to enter the accounts details page and set a password there and then.

Anything to watch out for?

This operation will not disable an already activated account or force a user to change their password.

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