As with the other account pages, this is split into sections for the password, account details, notes and activity. When you save changes you have to enter your password (your old one if you're changing that). 

There is a tab in search results for administrator accounts. You can also see them on the organisation summary page. To add or remove an administrator, see: How to add an administrator

Where the account sits in your structure of sub-organisations affects the organisations it can administer. Because of this, you give accounts an administrator role on the organisation preferences page of the organisation or sub-organisation it sits under.

Password tab

An editable expiry date will only appear here if you are editing another administrator account. You you cannot edit your own expiry date (which you can see below the panel on the left).

Account details tab

The account details section contains the name and contact information we will use to contact you about administrator stuff when necessary.

Notes and activity tabs

These are the same as on any other account

Anything to watch out for?

Your administrator enabled account can also access resources in the same was as end users. This is an activity covered by our misuse monitoring, which means your administrator account can get banned by the system and would need to be re-enabled by another administrator user. If you are the only administrator account holder, you should consider using a different (non-admin) account for resource access.