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Manage access to the dashboard

Clicking on your name in the top right allows you to sign out, or manage OpenAthens administrator accounts which can be used to access the publisher dashboard.

The default level of access is all, but you can limit their access to individual applications and connections as required.

View accounts

The standard view is a list of your administrator accounts. This list includes any accounts you have created via the publisher dashboard, and any you have created directly under your login in the OpenAthens user-admin interface (

Add an account

To add a new account, click the green button and fill in the form. The assigned user will be sent an email with a link to set a password.

Remove an account

You can delete an account either by opening the details and clicking the trash icon, or by selecting delete from the dots menu next to an account in the list.

Both display a confirmation dialog before non-recoverably deleting the account and any test accounts it owned.

Related documentation for the user-admin interface for additional management options:

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