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How to reset a password

There are a few ways to reset an account's password.

User method

Forgotten password page

This is linked to on the authentication point and at

When used an email is sent to the user with an activation link that will let them choose a new password. This does not disable the account and access will continue to work with the old password until a new one is set. Amongst other things, this approach prevents people resetting a friend's password and disabling their access 'for a laugh'.

The forgotten password page will not work for accounts that have never been activated, expired accounts, or those with administrator access.

Administrator methods

Send an activation email (recommended)
  • To do this from search results
    • Select the checkboxes next to the accounts you want to reset the passwords for
    • From the actions button select generate activation code and in the dialogue click the generate codes button
  • To do this from the account details
    • In the password section click the send code button, and in the dialogue confirm you want to generate the code.

These both send the user an email with a link they can use to set a new secure password.

As with the user method above, this does not invalidate the old password until the new one is set which means that if the user remembers their password they can carry on working until they check their email and act on it. This also means that this is not a way to disable an account or force a password change.

Set a new password manually
  • From search results, open the account details.
  • Select the specify now option, enter a new password in the password box and click save changes. This will immediately stop the old password from working. 
  • Tell the user the new password.

You can also use the management API to update passwords but that's more likely to be something you would build into your own portal.

Anything to watch out for?

Administrator enabled accounts can only be reset in the admin area. If your account has the 'owner' role, only another owner will be able help you. If you are the only owner, you should make a note of your pin in case you need to contact the service desk by telephone. 

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